Friday, June 17, 2011

Who says homosexuals will be lynched?

Every once in a long while the issue of homosexuality comes up in Ghana. Many people find it abominable so they think it should be illegal. Since when did an act being abominable also qualify it to be illegal?

Many of those who say homosexuality is abominable also say gambling is abominable. They also say drunkenness is abominable. They say gluttony is abominable. They also say fornication is abominable. They also say divorce is abominable. Yet, none of these acts is illegal. The lack of philosophical and intellectual clarity is irritating.

David Assuming (MP, Shai Osudoku, NDC) says that since the "mob" finds homosexuality abominable, it may have no choice but to resort to vigilantism if the stipulated authorities don't take action. Even though he wishes for such a severe reaction from idle youth, he does not offer any sound basis for such action except the tired "it is unghanaian." He sounded like a fool as he could not put a cogent argument together. This is grave cause for concern as he is one of the few people who can actually repeal the law that makes "unnatural carnal knowledge" illegal.


  1. I don't care what the UN, US, Nana Oye Lithur or any of those "human rights activists" thinks, says or believes about these "breed of humans."

    I don't want my children going to school with other kids whose mothers are called Johns and their fathers Peters.

  2. Because there is freedom of association in Ghana, you can choose which school your children attend. You can even choose to school them at home.

  3. You make some good points. The level of intellectual debate on this issue is depressing. I actually don't believe Ghanaians will resort to violence because, im my experience, most are quietly tolerant when it comes to people's private lives (and vocal when those private lives are made public).

    Luckily I also have a choice not to have my children taught by that "breed of humans" who are "anti-rights activists" of which their voices seem to be rather too shrill at the moment!

  4. Personally against this caste of people. I believe that a man should be with a woman that appeared beautiful children, a continuation of the kind. A woman should be appreciated and respected. Here are 7 things that are valued in women . It is right and as it should be!!!